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String Filters


String filters provide an easy means to manipulate strings in many ways, without the need to write any additional code. A string filter consists of a stack of string manipulators. When applied to an input string, the string filter causes each manipulator to be applied to the string resulting from applying the previous manipulator. Thus, you may chain an arbitrary amount of manipulators to achieve a desired result.

String Filter Expressions

A string filter expression consists of one or more string manipulators, chained by a '|' (OR) sign, for example:

uppercase|rpad(' ', 30)

In this case, an input string would first be converted to upper case, then padded to the right using ' ' as a padding character.

Arguments of string manipulators should be enclosed in quotes, however, that is not necessary if the argument is a (positive) number or an identifier.

String Manipulators

See Ionflux::Tools::StringManipulator for a list of available string manipulators.
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