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Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim Class Reference
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Remove whitespace from boths ends of a string. More...

#include <StringManipulator.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 StringTrim ()
virtual ~StringTrim ()
virtual std::string process (const std::string &bytes, std::vector< std::string > *args=0)
 Process bytes.
virtual std::string getName ()
 Get name.

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string STRINGMANIP_NAME = "trim"
 Name of this string manipulator.

Detailed Description

Remove whitespace from boths ends of a string.

(no arguments)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim::StringTrim  )  [inline]


virtual Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim::~StringTrim  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

std::string Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim::getName  )  [virtual]

Get name.

Name of the string manipulator.

Implements Ionflux::Tools::StringManipulator.

std::string Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim::process const std::string &  bytes,
std::vector< std::string > *  args = 0

Process bytes.

Processes a byte string and returns the result.

bytes The bytes to process.
args Arguments for the manipulator.
The result of applying the string manipulator to bytes.

Implements Ionflux::Tools::StringManipulator.

Member Data Documentation

const string Ionflux::Tools::StringTrim::STRINGMANIP_NAME = "trim" [static]

Name of this string manipulator.

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